Hetalia Headcanons
What's a headcanon exactly? What does that mean?

a headcanon is sort of… like what hasn’t happened in canon, but has happened in someone’s head. thus, headcanon. however, headcanons vary from person to person and not everyone believes the same thing. some headcanons even go against stated canon, but some people just roll like that! (like me lololo)

here’s an example:

a headcanon i have of germany is that when he drinks fanta, he gets sugar highs and really jittery. this hasn’t ever been seen in canon, but it’s my own little thought that makes germany, as a character, a bit more unique to myself. i doubt many others have this headcanon, so it sorta makes that certain quirk of germany… “personal”.

tl;dr headcanons haven’t occurred in canon, but have happened in peoples’ heads. they give the characters traits and habits that make them easier to relate to or give them more depth than what was already given in canon.


~ beilschmidt

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